A New Approach to Growing Your business.
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Still relying on referrals?

I specialize in helping boat dealers & yacht/boat charter business owners worldwide acquire new clients at a profit through data and high-performance digital marketing.

From strategy to implementation, we focus on paid social and full-funnel strategies to deliver exceptional return-on-investment for our clients.

Identify business leaks

You probably have what you need to start increasing your sales inmediately. We analize your business in deph to identify low hanging fruits and get quick wins while planning long term goals.

Generate leads on demand

You need to put the right messsage, in front of the right people at the right time. We use our own framework to research your audience and come out with an optimal message-market-channel fit.

Free Up Your Time

You should focus on running your business and remove yourself from being a bottleneck. We'll automate your client acquisiton and reduce your workload so you can get more time back.

Increase Your Profitability

Get a higher return on your investment and optimize every dollar spent in advertising and marketing with relentless testings and optimization. We are commited to get you more for less.

Attracting and Converting clients requires time, knowledge, money and experience.
We save you the hassle.

No more guesswork. No more wasting money. From client attraction to retention, we are obsessed with business growth. For less than hiring a full-time employee, you get an expert whose sole mission is to help growing yours.

Deep Business & Market Research

From positioning to traffic analysis to marketing strategies, we do exhaust analysis to become experts on your business. 

This helps us set Key Performance Indicators to measure your goals and uncover low hanging fruits to get you quick wins ASAP.

Tailored Customer Value Journey

We will design for you a Customer Value Journey (CVJ) based on business analysis and market research. This strategy will work as a guideline for all the activities that will take place and align your business with us for better productivity. 

Fast Implementation

From creatives, video editings and copywriting to the campaign set up and landing pages design, our experts will design and implement an MVF (minimum viable funnel), so we can go to market as fast as possible.

The earlier we launch, the earlier we will get feedback from the market and analytics to see what is working and what needs to be improved to achieve the goals. That’s productivity on steroids!

Monthly Data Reporting

You will have a full campaign report every month in your inbox and complete access to real-time data at any time of the day. If needed, we will teach you how to read it.

We conduct monthly call meetings to discuss how we can go the extra mile.

ROI-focused Optimization

We continuously test new ideas and tactics, web pages, messages, ads, creatives, mails… to improve campaign performance and get you a higher return on investment. 

That is, to get you more money per sale.

It's all about Growth
and ROI.

Our clients can prove it.

You can be sure we only succeed when you succeed first.

That's why, whether you are getting started or scaling your sales efforts to the next level, we are so serious about helping companies like yours attract, convert, close and retain more clients.

"If you are not working with Jandru already, you're missing out.
Do it before your competitors take advantage."
Jordi Company
Founder & CEO, Dron Company
"TheYachtMarketer has helped us in driving new charter bookings. It's been really valuable and easier than expected!"
Hada Serra
Founder, Black Marlin Charter
"I was sceptical about hiring someone from the other side of the world. Seamless communication made me feel like the YachtMarketer was set next door."
Lewis Mas
Owner & Captain, S/Y Thalassa
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We are passionate sailors and experienced yachties, before marketing experts. That's why we dedicate all our effort into solving our industry problems with creativity and innovation, so we have fun at the same time.

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