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Get your FREE 40-minute Marketing Assessment and Growth Strategy Session that could easily double, triple or even quadruple your sales. You’ll be getting a fully customised breakdown of our proven system of growth, the YaaS Methodology™.

This is what you'll get in your session

YaaS Marketing Assessment

We will start with an in-depth marketing assessment of both your business and marketing activities to reveal how well you are meeting your business goals and overcoming your business challenges.

A detailed understanding of what motivates your target prospects to buy from you to an evaluation of how well your different marketing and sales activities are performing.

360 Customer Journey Analysis

Together we will develop your costumers’ journey, from understanding who are your ideal clients, to their first interaction with your business until the end of the service.

This analysis will arouse bottlenecks and friction points your costumers face when interacting with your business. As well as uncover those processes and workflows that can be automated to boost productivity.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Client Experience Map

We will map a specific and customly tailored system that covers all the phases your ideal clients go trough and we’ll establish powerful metrics to measure success.

From ads and landing pages, to marketing channels, sales pitch, customer management, onboarding processes and automated workflows. 

YaaS Growth Strategy Blueprint

You will get a 12-month growth-focused marketing plan based on your financial and growth goals.

You will learn how you can boost your traffic, leads and sales. Where you should focus your energy on to achieve more significant results without sacrificing time and money. And where you could be in the next 12 months.

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Uncover your Business Potential and Learn how much money you're leaving on the table

If you have come all the way down to this point, that tells me that you know your business could be performing at a higher level.

It tells me too that you are seriously looking for a solution. And that’s why I want to help you personally.

That’s why I’m putting my tools and my knowledge at your business service to find out how your business could improve, what is it’s potential and what actions you should take.

500€ worth of data, advice and resources for FREE.

And you might be wondering where the catch is… but there is not!

If I get anything back in exchange, this is to knowing deeply about the yachting and charter industry and its players. That’s it.

And this knowledge is somehow shared in some form or the other, in this strategy sessions.

On the other hand, most people that schedule a strategy session fall in love with the strategies and tactics shared, and they ask us to become our client.

Now, you need to know that we can’t help everybody. So if we are not a good fit, we will happily point you in the right direction so you can still overcome your problems and achieve your goals.

The reason we don’t take everyone as a client is that we are committed to delivering results. If we don’t achieve the established KPIs and get your investment back, we work for FREE.

We call it, our Copper Bottomed Guarantee.

But we are not Superheros, and we cannot solve all the problems.

If the problem is out of our scope, we don’t get our hands dirty.

So I encourage you to take action and schedule a call with one of our experts…

HOLD ON! Only for this month you will be talking to me personally!

So here is how it works…

First, you will need to fill in an application by clicking the button below.

The answers provided will help us to understand better your business and analyse your business and marketing activities. Only then we will be able to assess your overall strategy.

It will help us to better prepare you a custom growth strategy. So we kindly ask you to be as much honest as possible.

Once the application is submitted, you will be redirected to my calendar page, where you will be able to book a time to talk.

Remember: there is no obligation in taking our services. So don’t be shy… And book now!

Just remember… How much is costing your company (in terms of daily revenue and cost) the fact of doing nothing to solve its problems?

I see you on the other side. 😉

Fair winds and following seas,

Jandru Ruiz
Business Growth Consultant
Head of Growth @ TheYachtMarketer



What type of services do you offer?

We offer our YaaS Methodology that involves Research and Analysis to solve problems; PPC & Paid Media services to increase traffic; Landing Pages and Offers design to generate leads; Automation and funnel strategy to increase sales. On-going Optimization to increase revenue per dollar spent.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the type of business, the problems to solve, the amount of work needed, etc. But to have a rough idea, we have different tiers starting at 1.500€ monthly flat fee up to 10.000€ and beyond. Ad Spend budget and software apart.

Is it any long-term contract?

We only ask for the first 3 months. Then, we earn your business every month.
But if you ask us for a 12-month contract, we reward your trust with our Premium Strategy and VIP. Ask us for further information.

What is the YaaS Methodology™?

The YaaS Methodology™ is a scientific 9-step method that helps yachting businesses attract, convert and retain more clients using digital growth strategies — thus benefiting from automated workflows, machine learning, better customer management and scalability.

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer our Copper Bottomed Guarantee. If we don't get your investment back after the initial 3 months, we work for FREE, until you get your money back.

What businesses are best suited?

We found out that the best charter yacht businesses to work with are those that have a charter rate of 2.000€/day approximately. Or companies with similar minimum revenue. This way, there is a less economical effort for the client and less pressure for the agency.

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